If I know you then you already KNOW that discretion is TANTAMOUNT to me and that I will I never EVER share your private information with other people; If I do NOT know you, here are some pointers before I kiss you:

Calls/Texts - I will NEVER call or text you without you asking me to do so (or unless you call/text me first, and I will return said call/text ONLY within a few minutes or not at all...); 

Deposits - If you seek an engagement longer than two (3+) hours, a 50% deposit of the final rate must be made at the time of booking to confirm/guarantee our time together. Please contact me to discuss the options available to make an appointment; 

*All deposits are subject to terms listed below in Cancellation Policy;

Confirming Your Appointment - Once your screening is complete, my Assistant will contact you to confirm your date and go over any other details. Final confirmations are to be made at least 1 hour prior to the day and time of our rendezvous (2 hours for outcall), otherwise, it is considered a cancellation;

Upon Arrival - Please excuse yourself to the bathroom as soon as you arrive so that you can wash your hands, etc., and where you are to leave an envelope containing the correct amount to compensate for my time. When you come out, I'll excuse my self for a moment and the fun will begin...;

Late/Tardy Arrival - If you're going to be late, PLEASE let me know no later than 2 hours of our appointed date/time - I PROMISE to let you know in advance as well if I'm delayed; otherwise, our time together will end at the time(s) you scheduled my time for;

Extending a Visit - if during a visit you decide you would like to spend more time with me (VERY COMMON lol), you can extend any session depending on my schedule. The balance for additional time must be presented at the scheduled end time of our original visit (don't make me ask, babe); and,

Cancellation Policy - I respect your time as much as I hope you respect mine, so... Be CLASSY! Unless an "EMERGENCY" arises, let me know at least 2 hours prior to the start time of our date or your deposit will be forfeited. There's NO NEED for this, sweetie, so make sure you schedule our time together when you're POSITIVE about your schedule...

**IF you don't follow my SIMPLE etiquette above, then I will mark you as, "Appt No Show" and I'll require a 50% deposit for ALL future visits - Do NOT be that person!