I have a stellar reputation with outstanding reviews. I am honored to be a part of the top rated providers in South Florida

I am a petite Latina with ALL the right curves - LITERALLY: I am 5'1", I weigh 120 lbs., and my measurements are 36DDD 24/36.

Although I'm demure in public, something happens to me when the lights go dim and a certain type of music plays - I get hypnotized into a state of insatiable erotic desire...

I take good care of myself - I eat healthy, I exercise, and I don't do drugs or even drink to excess, all of which equates to my silky-smooth skin and the way I TASTE: My lips (ALL of them) are delicious!

Most importantly, however, I'm intelligent and possess a natural charm and sexual creativeness that too many woman seem to lack. Sure, you MAY find a "playmate" here and there, but... I'm REAL!

Point blank:   

If you're looking for someone to excite you, fascinate you, and amuse you on so many different levels, set up a date with me ~ you won't regret it...

Special Note:
Please be considerate and follow my rules on the Etiquette Page. Also, either arrive to our date clean and fresh, or be prepared to shower before our time together commences. Hygiene is a necessity, not a choice.


What I LIKE (and Do NOT Like):


  • Perfume (please let me know if you rather me not be "scented"):
    Dior, Prada, Gucci, Versace; 
  • Drinks:
    Red Wine and/or Champagne (surprise me);
  • Languages:
    English & Spanish (and moans);
  • Hobbies: 
    Traveling, art, cinema, theater, skiing, laying (or rollling on) white sandy beaches, reading, exploring...


  • Arrogance, agressive, violence, and drugs.